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Mastodon for iPhone and iPad
Mastodon for iPhone and iPad Cashback for review
Mastodon is the largest decentralized social network on the internet. Instead of a single website, it’s a network of millions of users in independen
Social Networking
Mastodon gGmbH

Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots
Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots Cashback for review
Ivory is a brand new app that brings over a dozen years of experience building the award-winning Tweetbot for Twitter, over to the Mastodon network. W
Social Networking

Ice Cubes for Mastodon
Ice Cubes for Mastodon Cashback for review
Ice Cubes is a fast, reliable and beautiful Mastodon client. You can connect to any Mastodon instance and use the various features this app offer.
Social Networking
Thomas Ricouard

Tootle for Mastodon
Tootle for Mastodon Cashback for review
Appearance setting. Saving drafts. Regular expression matching for all timeline. Streaming. Tootle is a multifunctional Mastodon client, and above ar
Social Networking

Mammoth: for Mastodon
Mammoth: for Mastodon Cashback for review
Mammoth is a beautiful Mastodon client built especially for iOS. It’s simple enough to pick up and use immediately, and powerful enough to tweak it
Social Networking
The BLVD, Inc.

Manny - for Mastodon
Manny - for Mastodon Cashback for review
Manny is a powerful, fast and extremely cute Mastodon client! You can connect to any mastodon instance in the worlds biggest decentralized social med
Social Networking
Zachary Lineman

Toot! for Mastodon
Toot! for Mastodon Cashback for review
Toot! is a client for the Mastodon social network. It is beautiful, and full of character and whimsy. What makes Toot! special? - It is delightful. I
Social Networking
Dag Agren

tooot - fediverse and Mastodon
tooot - fediverse and Mastodon Cashback for review
tooot is an open source, simple yet elegant Mastodon mobile client. A Mastodon ( account is required to use this app. tooot
Social Networking
Zhiyuan Zheng

Linky for Twitter and Mastodon
Linky for Twitter and Mastodon Cashback for review
Linky lets you easily share webpage links, images and text extracts to Twitter and Mastodon from your iPhone and iPad. Write your post, choose which
Social Networking
Benoit Bourdon

Ground News
Ground News Cashback for review
Get all your news in one place on an eye-opening platform that shows you the bias, reliability and ownership of every source you read. Cut through the
Snapwise Inc.

Sleep talk and snore recorder
Sleep talk and snore recorder Cashback for review
Find out if (and when) you snore or talk in your sleep. Did you know that more than half of the people in the world either talk or snore in the night

Metatext Cashback for review
Metatext is a free, modern, open source, and accessible Mastodon client. Features: - Multiple accounts: You can add multiple accounts and even use s
Social Networking
Metabolist, LLC

Mercury for Mastodon
Mercury for Mastodon Cashback for review
Introducing Mercury, a customisable client for the Mastodon and Pleroma social networks! Notable features of Mercury: - Customise swipe gestures to s
Social Networking
Daniel Nitsikopoulos

Mast: for Mastodon
Mast: for Mastodon Cashback for review
Mast is a beautiful Mastodon app built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as feature-packed as it is gorgeous. The stunning timelines make rea
Social Networking
PoeticBytes Inc.

Roma for Pleroma and Mastodon
Roma for Pleroma and Mastodon Cashback for review
Roma is a fun to use light weight Pleroma / Mastodon client. Easily log into your favorite instance and start sharing and browse your home, local, and
Social Networking

大阪丼 - mstdn.osaka専用Mastodonアプリ
大阪丼 - mstdn.osaka専用Mastodonアプリ Cashback for review
◎大阪丼専用マストドンアプリが登場! ◎Webと同じノリで楽しくトゥート(投稿)出来ます ◎大阪丼専用ですが
Social Networking
Hiroyuki Matsumoto

Mastodon Gameday
Mastodon Gameday Cashback for review
Take your fan experience to the next level and get rewarded for your loyalty! Download the app and check-in at events to rack up points and unlock awe
Learfield Communications, Inc.

B4X for Pleroma & Mastodon
B4X for Pleroma & Mastodon Cashback for review
Open source Mastodon / Pleroma client. Simple interface with great performance. Allows reading, searching and creating rich content on the fediverse.
Social Networking
Erel Uziel

Oyakodon for Mastodon
Oyakodon for Mastodon Cashback for review
Mastodon client app supporting multi-instance. You can switch mastodon instance just with swiping screen. [How to use] - To register an instance, in
Social Networking
Isao Takeyasu

Swell Cashback for review
A Swellcast is a micro-podcast with social features. Every post on Swell is up to 5 minutes of audio and can include a photo and links. All responses
Social Networking
Anecure Inc

iMast Cashback for review
iMastは、iOS及びiPadOS用の非公式Mastodonクライアントです。 以下の機能を備えています。 - 複数アカウントでのロ
Social Networking
Pronama LLC

Tusker Cashback for review
Tusker is a free and flexible client for the Mastodon social network and other compatible services. Features: • Notification grouping: Combine favo
Social Networking
Vaccor, LLC

Homecoming for Mastodon
Homecoming for Mastodon Cashback for review
Homecoming for Mastodon is a Safari extension that makes it easy to open Mastodon pages in different instances. Just click the extension icon in the
Social Networking
Jeff Johnson

Stella* Cashback for review
Stella News Reader is a new generation information-gathering tool that is designed to be completely "User-Oriented". Often the information you get fr
OwletLabs LLC

Still Followers for Mastodon
Still Followers for Mastodon Cashback for review
Get powerful tracking and analytics of your Mastodon followers. Let the app find out who is not following back, your fans, your new followers, your
Social Networking
Bobgoo, S.L.

Tootter for Mastodon
Tootter for Mastodon Cashback for review
Tootter is an app customized for Mastodon - a free, decentralized platform that revolutionizes social media for people. You can use Tootter to quickl
Social Networking
建辉 任

AutoFax vehicle history report
AutoFax vehicle history report Cashback for review
AutoFax provides peace of mind when purchasing used cars by showing detailed information (title, past usage, odometer records and accident history). Y

Re: Toot
Re: Toot Cashback for review
Re: Toot turns Mastodon posts into images that are suitable for quote posts. Images are accompanied by attribution to the original author and an alter
Simon Stovring

Purdue Fort Wayne
Purdue Fort Wayne Cashback for review
The official app of Purdue University Fort Wayne. Quick and easy access to the faculty and staff people directory, campus info, campus maps, news, e
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Illustail Cashback for review
Picture viewer. Easily save the pictures to any place. For browse: ・TINAMI ・Danbooru ・Tumblr ・Twitter ・Mastodon(Pleroma) ・Misskey ・Drop
Social Networking
Naomoto Niwayama

Ligt for Mastodon
Ligt for Mastodon Cashback for review
The Mastodon Client App is a minimalist, fast and simple way to access the Mastodon social network. This app is designed to provide an easy and intuit
Social Networking
Revoo Teknoloji Limited Sirketi

嘟嘟长毛象 Cashback for review
Mastodon App
昊纬 陈

Mastoot Cashback for review
Mastoot is a simple client app for Mastodon. Features: • Home • Notifications • Explore • Search • Local timeline • Federated timeline
Social Networking
Bei Li

Dino Zoo: Fun Mini Safari Game
Dino Zoo: Fun Mini Safari Game Cashback for review
Dino Zoo: Games For Kids Free - Is your little boy or girl a big lover of deadly dinos: triceratops, t-rex and raptor? If so, he or she is sure to lov
Istvan Kiss

Twidere X
Twidere X Cashback for review
Timeline - See what's new and what's happening! Tweets are sorted by time, support for displaying retweets with comments, and quick display of discuss
Social Networking

StarPterano Cashback for review
StarPterano is a slightly different type of Mastodon client. ● Features · Display timeline on full screen. · The background color of the selected
Social Networking
Takayoshi Sego

Librem Social
Librem Social Cashback for review
* Federated social network alternative * View and post to your timelines: home, local, federated * Post messages, images, and videos * Follow your fri
Social Networking

Tootoise Cashback for review
Tootoise is a simple Mastodon client. ## You can do this - View and post timeline - Add and switch multiple accounts - List display, creation and edi
Social Networking
Naoki Kuwata

WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely
WireMin: Chat Freely, Securely Cashback for review
It’s time to ditch the Web 2.0 social networks! WireMin is a decentralized social network that enables complete freedom of expression and privacy
Social Networking
Baron Swartz

Mastowatch Cashback for review
Hi! I’m Mastowatch and I can help you find and inspect Mastodon servers. Whether you're new to Mastodon and just need help finding the perfect insta
Justin Ferrell

Solcial: crypto social network
Solcial: crypto social network Cashback for review
Solcial is a decentralised social network built for privacy and freedom of speech. It give users the ability to interact with each other without fear
Social Networking
Social Network Group Limited

MissCat - Misskey クライアント -
MissCat - Misskey クライアント - Cashback for review
MissCatとはMisskeyをより手軽に、快適に扱えるiOS向けクライアントです。 次のような特徴があります。 // 公式に
Social Networking
Yuiga Wada

Beluga Social
Beluga Social Cashback for review
Publish your thoughts and keep your friends and followers informed of what you are up to. This app is ideal for publishing "tweet-like" content. All y
Social Networking
Blimp, LLC

takesama Cashback for review
connect with friends and discover new creators with takesama! download the app and jump right into the endless list of posts and videos made by peopl
Social Networking
Nikodem Bernat

Away: Dashboard for Twitter
Away: Dashboard for Twitter Cashback for review
Away dashboard serves a lightweight entry point to your accounts. Check if you have new messages or replies, without getting sucked into the browsing
Social Networking
Hybrid Cat ApS

LinkMy.App Cashback for review
Enjoy sharing photos, website, links, and texts to your favorite pleroma instance! Our share extension allows user to share almost anything from your
Social Networking
Sledge Dev Inc

NowPlaying ~ 起動するだけでツイート ~
NowPlaying ~ 起動するだけでツイート ~ Cashback for review
すでにたくさんの "#NowPlaying" をツイートするアプリはありますが、どれ使っていいのやらわからないですよね?
Social Networking
Yuya Oka

Keto Diet Meal Plans
Keto Diet Meal Plans Cashback for review
The only Keto Diet Meal Plan App you ever need. We give you a custom Keto Plan based on your choices and health concerns. Custom Keto Meal Plans are a
Food & Drink
Manimau Studios Pte Ltd

SocialHub - SocialMedia Client
SocialHub - SocialMedia Client Cashback for review
Are you spending too much time on social media? SocialHub is best solution for you ! SocialHub is the multi social media (such as Twitter) client ap
Social Networking
Akihiro Urushihara

TootDesk Cashback for review
Mastodon client. Up to 6 timelines can be viewed simultaneously at the same time. Streaming is included as standard.
Social Networking
Ryuki Yoshikawa

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