Why should I use allows you to search for iOS and macOS apps directly from your browser without needing to search on the cumbersome iTunes/App store. Additionally, this website
  1. Allows you to filter apps by rating, updated date and price
  2. Shows total user ratings (App store list view only shows current version ratings)
  3. Presents results quicker and in a more readable format

How can I provide feedback?

We'd love to hear from you - email to

Do I still need iTunes on my computer/why can't you install the app directly?

Apple's App store limits third parties from installing the apps directly - so we open your search result to the app screen in iTunes/App Store from where you will need to install any app.

Why can't I filter by in-app purchases?

Many apps have in-app purchases listed in their app but are not actively used. Also Apple doesn't let us query in-app purchase information directly.

Why is this not a standalone web app?

Standalone web-apps on iOS are bumped back to the homepage everytime you leave them (e.g. to install an app from the App store). You can install add an icon to the homescreen and view our iOS optimized site in your browser of choice.

Why are some ratings being shown incorrectly?

Ratings information is cached weekly and hence might skip some of the newer ratings.